Recruiting reimagined.

Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” is of

A Positive Approach is Right for All Conditions

Small business owners are experiencing a range of situations just now. Are we, in Western Australia, at the tail end of a boom,

Systems are a must; but common sense should override them

As I wrote in my book, “The 10 Seeds You Must Plant to Grow Your Business”, “……… Small business owners often ask why

What is empathy and why is it important in business?

To be that definitive salesperson requires the interest and ability to walk in the customer’s shoes, to “get inside their he

Business “Growth” – Good, Bad or Both?

.... he was not looking to get more customers, as his business had been in operation for many years and had built a client base

Focus on the known constant, not the unknown variables

Over recent times, I have found myself challenging business owners to look at the amount of change that has occurred in their in

Systems warning!

Business owners sometimes question the necessity for documented systems and processes. For a start, every business has systems;

Stand out!

“It’s not what you do – it’s what you do differently that counts” (Patrick Mahan)

The buck stops at the top!

The reality is there are many issues external to the business that are indeed, beyond the control of business owners. (And even

Ears to success!

Tom Peters, the American Management guru states that he believes that it should be mandated for every single person in every org


John Matthew

What John Matthew believes about small business

That the owner has risked many things that others take for granted;

That there is no guaranteed income or reward for the considerable effort that is required;

That often, the family home is on the line to support the business and its constituents;

That there is a dignity and self-respect that is earned;

That entire communities would be better places if there was an increased appreciation and respect for small business.

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