Small Business

Actions, consequences and perceptions

As we know, every action we take has consequences, which can either be intended or unintended. Those consequences can either be

Change; adjust; shift; modify; alter; vary

It doesn't matter what word you use, if you want your situation to be different (better, easier, less stressful) than it is toda

Easier said than done…

How does a small business owner, time-poor and lacking in resources to track down a means to make sense of what is required, act

The Two Most Important Things a Small Business Must Do

#1: The small business must know everything there is to know about its customers.#2: And then it must ensu

Is small (very small) business a real option?

The business owners needed assistance in becoming more confident in their business management and more organised. I agreed to he

Recruitment: The source of the current culture

Whether the situation in the workplace is satisfying or frustrating, the source of the state of affairs has its roots in recruit

More than just an employee; more than just a job

Recently, a client asked me to speak with a key employee whose role had changed within the business. In fact, over the past few

Values should really be called behaviour traits

We say that businesses should be values-based and that everything we do (starting with recruitment) should be based on the align

Success is a two way street.

So, we have vision, passion and risk – all of which are undertaken by the business owner and which are fundamental ingredients

What will be your game-changer

What often appears as lucky is the result of a strategy that has been implemented in a sustained way, over a long period of time


John Matthew

What John Matthew believes about small business

That the owner has risked many things that others take for granted;

That there is no guaranteed income or reward for the considerable effort that is required;

That often, the family home is on the line to support the business and its constituents;

That there is a dignity and self-respect that is earned;

That entire communities would be better places if there was an increased appreciation and respect for small business.

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