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What is empathy and why is it important in business?

To be that definitive salesperson requires the interest and ability to walk in the customer’s shoes, to “get inside their he


Great customers keep coming back. Furthermore, they like your product or service so much that they tell other people. (Who buy


Following on from my recent blog on recruitment ("Getting Great People") is the issue of retaining those people and encouraging


Not long ago, I posted a blog making the point that business is (always) all about the people; employees and customers - in that

The Two Most Important Things a Small Business Must Do

#1: The small business must know everything there is to know about its customers.#2: And then it must ensu

Business “Growth” – Good, Bad or Both?

.... he was not looking to get more customers, as his business had been in operation for many years and had built a client base

Selling a Business or Offering a Job?

The problem is that long-time business owners often have difficulty in seeing the importance of the principle of seeing the busi

Focus on the known constant, not the unknown variables

Over recent times, I have found myself challenging business owners to look at the amount of change that has occurred in their in

Systems warning!

Business owners sometimes question the necessity for documented systems and processes. For a start, every business has systems;

Leveraging customer feedback

We recently came across a situation where the person with a sales role in a client’s business was required to make calls to ex


John Matthew

What John Matthew believes about small business

That the owner has risked many things that others take for granted;

That there is no guaranteed income or reward for the considerable effort that is required;

That often, the family home is on the line to support the business and its constituents;

That there is a dignity and self-respect that is earned;

That entire communities would be better places if there was an increased appreciation and respect for small business.

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