Articles Posted in March 2017

Leadership – from the ground, up.

Workplace harmony is greatly enhanced by having more people act like leaders. But to ensure that happens will require leadership

I recently lost a hero.

I hadn’t considered Bill Leake a hero until being forced to consider the gap he would leave. Who will take the place of such a

The Chairman called the Board to order.

After the usual introductory agenda items, he went straight to the subject of this Extraordinary Meeting: The Vision for the org

The 4 most important words in business: How. Can. We. Help.

Asking the right questions and then listening to what is said (and meant) is the first step to a workplace where our customers w

Recruiting reimagined.

Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” is of


John Matthew

What John Matthew believes about small business

That the owner has risked many things that others take for granted;

That there is no guaranteed income or reward for the considerable effort that is required;

That often, the family home is on the line to support the business and its constituents;

That there is a dignity and self-respect that is earned;

That entire communities would be better places if there was an increased appreciation and respect for small business.

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