First Steps Business Essentials

First Steps Business Essentials

An Introductory Business Coaching Program to set the Foundations

The program is designed for owners of start-up businesses or those in the early stages of development, with the aims of:

  1. Ensuring that they have a basic set of fundamental tools and guiding principles to kick the business off on the right track, and
  2. Establishing a set of habits that will keep them focussed on the areas of business required for survival and growth in a competitive environment

What Clients Get

  • Five x 45-minute meetings conducted by telephone and email
  • Assistance with the implementation of business processes
  • Templates and material to get the foundations set or the change process started
  • A Strategy for moving the business towards it stated goals
  • A six month follow-up to discuss any obstacles to progress


  • A reality check for the potential of the business in its early stages
  • A basic understanding of the importance of developing procedures for the business
  • Confidence that business owners are on the right track
  • The knowledge that there is access to an objective viewpoint when required