Single Steps Business Growth Path

Single Steps Business Growth

An Ongoing Business Coaching Program

Why Single Steps? The Chinese Proverb has said it for us – "Every great journey begins with a single step". It stands to reason that, having taken one step, two or a thousand, the next one single step is another in that great journey towards your business destination. If anyone truly believes the path from their existing situation to where they want their business to be, is a few giant steps, they should think again.

When Neil Armstrong said "one small step for man, one giant step for mankind" think of the countless years and the minute steps that had been taken before that "giant step" could be taken.

What Clients Get

  • Regular one hour meetings with an experienced business coach – experienced both in business and in the concepts of business coaching – set at a pace and times to suit the client
  • Coaching tools and templates designed so that the business owner can implement processes into their business so that real change occurs in alignment with their stated goals
  • Objective analysis of the status of the business as part of the ongoing process, ensuring that the business owner is working and achieving as per their original plans
  • New and fresh ideas and different approaches to assist in overcoming issues that eventuate and to evaluate opportunities that may arise
  • Assistance with the development of strategies for business growth and development

The most prevalent observation clients make as to the difference resulting from having participated in business coaching include

  • Increased confidence in managing various aspects of the business
  • Having been a significant catalyst in the growth of the business
  • The systems and procedures implemented as part of the program have made the business easier to operate, producing more consistent results
  • More time for the business owner to enjoy life outside the business